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  • What amenities do you offer at the park?
    We offer a multitude of amenities for our guest. We have two restrooms, and a fully shaded picnic area with a multitude of tables to eat at. Large fans rotate over the tables to keep everyone cool. We also have outdoor activity games and a chalk board!
  • Is there parking at the park?
    Don't fret! We have plenty of parking spaces available! and it's FREE to park! *No overnight parking!*
  • What are your business hours?
  • I am a food truck owner, How do I come out to sell?
    We would love to have you! You must first obtain a vendors license from the city of Florence. For more information visit: If you have a business license go to our Book Online page and book your spot today!
  • What is included with the cost of the space?
    Your cost includes (30/50amp) rental and private dumpster!
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